What is Upsettled?

Upsettled is a start-up designed to supercharge your tenants management operations.

From automating rent collection to streamlining maintenance requests, Upsettled gives you the power to collect, organize, and strategize all in one website!

Hi! My name is Kevin and I'm the co-founder of Upsettled, a startup focused on making renting easier and seamless for both owners and tenants alike.

Upsettled Co-founder, Kevin Hui

At the end of this article, find out how early adopters like you can get to manage five tenants on Upsettled for FREE! ( That's RM 175 every single month ).

The problem with managing tenants ...

I personally am managing two tenants and find it extremely difficult to keep track of payments, chase after the overdue rent, manage their requests and etc.

After asking around a number of friends and family members I soon began to realise that I wasn't the only one facing these issues!

A friend of mine had trouble confronting his tenant about the late rental payments and delayed it for almost three months before having the courage ( and most probably because it was necessary ) to ask the tenant to pay up.

I figured there should be an easier way to manage these tenants, saving me time and effort, and making me happy seeing my bank account grow every month.

How will Upsettled solve our problems?

If you're like me, struggling too with problems mentioned above, then I believe Upsettled can be of great help to you as well.

Upsettled is designed with three things in mind, save me time, put me in control, and ultimately make my life easier.

Fun thought: I bet Darth Vader wished he had Upsettled to manage the Death Star

Here are some examples of the core features we're including as we build Upsettled:

1. Automated payments collection

Automated rental collection

Automating rental collections takes the trouble away for both me and my tenants. Our tenants won't have to go through the process of transferring rent money every single time payment is due all the while owners wouldn't need to chase after the tenants.

It'll all be automated! Now isn't that nice?

Every beginning of the month and a set date, their credit cards will be charged the rent amount and an automated receipt will be delivered to them via email.

All I have to do really, is just setup my tenants and make sure they have their credit/debit cards configured with the system and the setup is done.

After which all I have to do is just let the system collect rent for me straight into my bank account. Nice!

2. Maintenance requests

Maintenance control on Upsettled

Imagine, you're having a busy week at work, finishing up some projects, running your business, your personal life, and here comes a tenant ( or several tenants ) of yours asking your help for something.

I find myself most often putting it to a side and consequently finding myself forgetting about the request until I get a phone call from one of my tenant asking about it. To most of us I believe, our memory is stressed especially during our busiest days.

Here's an entire list of TED videos that shares how reliable our memories really are: The complexity of memory

So I'm designing Upsettled to help me ( and hopefully you guys too! ) to "outsource" my memory storage sort to say.

In a way, our tenants can submit maintenance requests and owners will get notified of any new ones immediately. All I would have to do is to review the issue.

Every requests will be tied to the tenant, comes with a description, a picture, and a date.

So I'll know who's having the issue, when was it reported, a image of the problem, and a summary of it. Easy!

3. Managing financials

Finance management on Upsettled

I think tracking down the payments over a period of months or even years is a nightmare if you don't do your due-diligence and manage it properly.

I'm talking about proper bookkeeping, collecting your receipts, noting down if and when your tenants have paid their rent.

Upsettled will handle that with the built in financial dashboard, it'll act like a ledger, a virtual ledger.

That way I can be sure to look up immediately and know if my rental finances are in order and more importantly, if my tenants have paid their rents.

He'll probably picks them up afterwards

First 100 signups gets RM175 for free every month!

100 free signups

Only 95 free accounts left at this time of writing

While we're still developing the software, I want to make sure that Upsettled's early adopters get rewarded for supporting us in this very early phase of the business.

Therefore I'm proud to share that the first 100 signups will be able to manage up to five tenants for free (lifetime deal), That's actually worth RM 175 every month!

I hope you're as excited in using the product as we are in developing it for you and ourselves. That's our way of showing appreciation to you guys!

As a parting note, don't forget to tell your friends about us!

The more support we get, the better the value we can deliver for you!

Check out the Demo for yourself!

See you guys in the next update!

- Kevin