Tenants Dashboard

Understand & organise your tentants with ease & speed

  • Tenants OverviewFour simple cards to show the number of tenants who set up Autopay, have maintenance requests, and those with late payments
  • Tenants CardsEach tenant card present several quick information for you to see. Top left is the most urgent status this tenant has.
  • Quick NavigationsQuickly navigate to each tenants to check on their payments, maintenance requests, or any other important tasks you may have.

Tenant Profile Info

Learn more about your tenants in your tenant profile

  • Tenants DetailsA more detailed breakdown of your tenant's detail, with information such as autopayment status, rental fees, adresses and phone number
  • Payment HistoryHere you can review your tenant's payment history and retrieve the digital receipts as well.

Property Info

Your tenants are assigned a property that you manage, here you can view all details regarding that property

  • Property InfoThis card shows you your managed property info, things like total revenue generated, number of tenants, and maintenance requests
  • All TenantsQuickly see which tenant(s) is assigned to this property

Chat Feature

Upsettled provides a chat platform between you and your tenants, now you can isolate your personal messages from your businesses ones

  • Organised ChatsNo need to clutter your personal chat messages with businesses ones, streamline all your tenants chat in upsettled
  • Quick ActionsUpsettled's smart chat feature allows you to quickly assign new tasks items based on the chat sentences

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