Transactions Dashboard

The transactions dashboard provides the latest update on your tenants' transactions status

  • Transactions OverviewFour simple cards to indicate the distribution of payment statuses across your tenants
  • Transactions ListNumber of tenants that has paid their rent or other payments
  • Status FiltersFilter the list based on dates or payment status

Transactions Overview Panel

The overview gives you a quick update on your tenants' transactions status from a range of dates

  • OutstandingNumber of tenants that has received invoices and expected to pay soon
  • PaidNumber of tenants that has paid their rent or other payments
  • OverdueTenants who have failed to pay on time are grouped here
  • TenantsNumber of tenants in the filtered list

Transactions list

Here's a further breakdown on your transaction list

  • Quick SummaryQuickly see the sum of each payment status in the top panel
  • Detailed ListThe list shows the most recent transactions as well as who the tenants are
  • Download & PrintYou can also download a CSV document of your transactions to help with offline bookkeeping.

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